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Luxury Pool Builders Serving New Jersey

Steele’s Signature Pools is a people-oriented team of experienced professionals that expertly guides clients through the entire custom pool design process. From concept to construction, we ask the right questions and lean on innovation to create unique swim, spa, and lounge experiences.


The enchantment of summer lives in our design

We blend art, beauty, and technically challenging features into each one of our unique projects. From infinity pools and overflow spas to visually alluring Lautner knife-edge pools, our creations are breathtaking and masterful.


Each build is specific to our clients’ wishes and the natural beauty of their homes’ landscapes. We add captivating elements to our designs, such as ambient lighting, the drama of fire, or the tranquil hush of a waterfall for truly immersive environments. 


For us, it’s not about filling a trench with concrete and water; it’s about creating lifelong memories right in your backyard. Our job is done when your home is transformed into your #1 summer vacation destination.


Our reputation is unmatched

Exceeding client expectations is a touchstone of our methodology. It’s what makes us one of the top luxury pool builders in the region. The Northeast Spa and Pool Association (NESPA) has honored Steele’s Signature Pools with multiple awards and featured us along with other winners in their quarterly publication The Edge.

the backyard of your dreams is within reach.
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