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Keep family and guests safe with cutting-edge water sanitation

Our pools are nothing without advanced oxidation processes (AOP) that produce the cleanest, safest water.

Dive In

Pool time should be invigorating,

which is why we rely on AOP to deliver a low-chemical experience that's free of irritants and disinfection byproducts that dry out skin, hair, and eyes.

You'll have silky, luxuriating water every time you set foot in your pool. It's like having a freshwater lagoon in your backyard.

And while our AOP water sanitation is gentle on our bodies, it's tough on contaminants like bacteria, viruses and protozoa.

How our pools are different:

  • Scent free

  • No skin, eye, or respiratory irritants

  • Zero algae blooms and bacterial overgrowth

  • Minimal maintenance

  • No waterborne illness transmission

  • Smart monitoring and real-time treatment

  • Exceed CDC health standards

Relax in nourishing waters that are gentle on your skin

Using hydroxyl-based technology,

our pools' cutting-edge AOP systems circulate clean, healthy water without disinfection byproducts or harsh chemical smells. Smart monitoring systems continually check water metrics and adjust accordingly to provide you with consistent levels of cleanliness and purity, eliminating the need for draining or refilling.

Clear, Healthy Water


Potent hydroxyl free radicals destroy bacteria, viruses, and protozoa more efficiently than other cleaning systems.

Best in Class


Hydroxyl-based water sanitation is more effective than chlorine, salt water, ozone and UV systems.

Safe, Non-Toxic


Hydroxyls reduce the disinfection byproducts of harsh chemicals that can trigger health issues.



Hydroxyl AOPs provide a cost-effective, low-energy process that's easy to monitor and maintain.

Interested in our Signature Pools?

Learn more about our AOP systems and how they can protect you and your guests from harsh chemicals.

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